Stage Performance

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One of the hardest things about performing is to know how to move and sing at the same time. You don’t have to perform full dance steps but you need to feel at ease with whatever you do on stage, when rehearsing try removing your microphone from the stand and walk around the room you are singing in, don’t just stand still, then add a few dance steps and use the floor as much as possible, If your not on a stage pretend you are and focus on singing in front of you with your head up and your eyes open, you want to look at your audience not down on the floor, Also if you keep your eyes closed you shut out your audience and they feel isolated from you, embrace them by looking at them and smiling when you sing.

We all need to talk to our audience as well, that can be difficult as we don’t always know what to say. The first tip I can give you is just be yourself let your personality govern how you talk to people, let your audience know you are thrilled to be singing to them and tell them a bit about yourself and what your song about.

It’s always a good idea to have some guidance from a performance trainer or your vocal coach before singing at a school concert, an audition a competition or a gig with a band.

You should be comfortable from the moment you walk into a room or on a stage, knowing exactly, what you are going to say, and how you are going to move before you start performing, the less prepared you are the more afraid you will feel, we all get nervous before a performance, but if you know what you are doing, it comes naturally and easier, then you are able to enjoy your performance and not worry about anything but singing your heart out

Don’t try to make things up as you go along it usually goes wrong, plan Plan everything you do before hand, that way there are no surprises. If you make a mistake don’t show it by pulling a face just keep on singing and brave through it, if you do this most people will not even notice you slipped up.

It is essential you know your songs and the lyrics backwards, and to Feel confidence in what you are wearing and how you look. We all get nervous in front of an audience and the more prepared you are the less you will stress.

TWB, Think big, Work hard, Believe in yourself.