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Simon Shelton Barnes

My Lovely friend, Simon Shelton Barnes, passed away yesterday. I’m heartbroken.

Simon was a tall, handsome and dapper soul, a man who had been to theatre school from the age of ten, and was in a ballet company in America at 16 before returning to England and doing the West End. Simon was a great actor, choreographer and made millions of kids world wide happy as Tinkywinky in the Teletubbies. We worked closely for years at Ebony and Ivory, teaching my clients how to get over nerves on stage and become confident whilst performing. We also worked on loads of choreography and photo shoots. He was a multi-talented and funny man. We laughed and had fun working on many projects together, including BGT and X factor.

Simon Dancing

My heart and love goes out to Emma, Lydia, Henry and baby Finlay, at this sad time, I loved you Simon you were indeed one of a kind.

Ajit and the rest of the colleagues at Ebony & Ivory send their condolences, as Simon was a popular man and very loved by all, especially my students who had the pleasure of working with him. He was my very special friend.

Simon Tinky-Winky

Life Of Dillon

Stevie Lange with Life of Dillon's David and Joe Elliot I teach some fabulous new artists and love to watch them grow. The incredible voice of Ella Henderson who flew into the charts at number 1 with her first single Ghost followed by her debut album Day Dreams; Becky Hill my young rock chick who hit the charts at number 1 with her mighty vocals on overdrive by Gecko.

Now and again an act comes along and knocks me out with a new project that’s totally fresh and exciting. Life of Dillon have done just this for me and I predict they are going smash it, with their fresh new sound wave. With their music they capture the essence of being free spirits and enjoying life to the full. Their lyrics and melodies are fresh, joyous, clever, carefree, fun and totally original. Life Of Dillon reminds me of spring bursting out at its best and blasting out its first rays of sunshine making me feel warm all over.

In one of their songs the boys offer up a bit of wisdom that sums up the band’s philosophy in one line:

If your dreams don’t scare you, they ain’t big enough.

It’s a killer lyric, I so wish I’d written it.


As soon as I met Stevie we got on like a house on fire! Kindred spirits. Everything I loved about writing, she shares the same passion for, and I knew from that moment she would be in my life forever. She’s done so much for me in terms of helping me find my voice, which I’m eternally grateful for. I’d go to the ends of the earth for this wonderful human being!


Stevie is an incredible vocal coach, and has been there for us since before we could afford to pay her any money. I’ll never forget that. I used to use you tube to find vocal exercises, which did help, but they cannot compare to the one on one time you get with a professional.

Joe Cocker

I was so sad to hear of Joe Cocker’s death last week.

I met Joe Cocker the rocker, in California in 1979, what a great bloke and the best rock singer ever. I have had the delight of singing with him on many occasions.

My lasting memory of him was in the 80’s when we, that is Chris Thompson, Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, Micky McDonald from the Doobie Brothers, Brian May, myself and many other fantastic artists did a song called Yes We Can under the name of United Artists for Nature.

Joe will be sorely missed by the music world and all who knew him.

Ella Henderson Number One Album

Ella_Henderson_-_Chapter_One_(Official_Album_Cover)Ella Henderson’s debut album, Chapter One, was released on 13 October 2014 and peaked at number 1 knocking Jessie J off the number 1 spot. Now that’s the way to do it!

Ella’s first single, Ghost went straight to number 1 and now her fantastic album has followed suit. I’m so proud of my girl. Well, it’s not surprising considering what an amazing singer she is. Well done sweetie, it’s a pleasure working with you as you challenge me with your range and ability, I like it.

This is just the beginning!!!

Music for the Virgin Strive Challenge

I am proud to announce that my team Alan Bradshaw, Simon Cookson and myself created the music for this incredible footage of the Virgin Strive Challenge.

My friend Philip Artus and co. were the “Official Nutrition Partners” sponsoring their incredible energy “Bounce Ball bar”, a delicious protein Bomb high in antioxidant E.
Well done to Sam Branson, (Richard Branson’s wonderful son), Noah and the team for this amazing achievement which raised over 700k for the ‘Big Chance Foundation’.

We’re very proud to have been part of this and meet the gang at the Kensington Roof Gardens for a get together of celebrations and jubilations, along with Sam Branson, Noah Devereux, Karl Lokka, Jack Whitehall(Comedian), Jermain Jackman (winner of The Voice) who sang his heart out on the night. Also, to crown a perfect evening, the one and only charming Prince Harry came by. It was a wicked night and a wicked gig for me, thanx Philip.

Working With Union J

Working with Union J, British Boy band signed to Epic. I’m getting them ready for an important show at Alexandra Palace which is being televised. The boys have just filmed a new video called Tonight (We live Forever)
and they are very excited and I can see why, It’s wicked.

They’ve come a long way since I worked with them before X-Factor.

Good luck to George, Josh, JJ and Jamie with this new exciting track – keep on rocking lads !!

Congratulations To Ella Henderson For Reaching No. 1

Congrats to my beautiful and talented client Ella Henderson for reaching number 1 in the charts, well done sweetie, first single straight in fantastic.
I have been working with Ella for a year and a half watch this space, she is going to take the world by storm fresh, strong creative and stunning original songs makes for an amazing album which I love, every track is better than the next.
Here are some pictures of Ella’s celebration party at the Me Hotel in the Strand wicked evening with a very happy and elated young lady GO GIRL.

Breathing Tips

SVL-Vocalize-Booklet-Cover-MaleMy Vocalize exercise CD male and female versions, are available as a digital download on Bandcamp.

I’m going to go through a few simple but very effective breathing exercises; good breathing technique will massively enhance your voice control. Your lungs control your breathing, and with the help of Abdominal (diaphragmatic) breathing technique  you will be able to take a deeper breath, allowing you to hold longer notes and control your higher range.

To find your diaphragm put you hands on your hips move your hands up until you feel the top bones of your rib cage with your fingers, then make a hissing sound with a TSS sound, that will make your abdominal muscles flex, your diaphragm is just above your abs.

Most of us make the mistake of sucking our tummies in when we inhale but the correct way is to expand your abdominal wall allowing your lungs to take more air in.

Let’s try this together, use the CD as it has a step- by- step instruction from me.

Find a clear floor space, lie down flat on your back, legs straight out relax your shoulders, jaw, neck and your face, and prop a pillow under your head and knees if that’s more comfortable for you.

The  diaphragm is a dome shaped muscle which separates the chest from your abdomen when you breath in the diaphragm tightens, flattens and moves down, sucking air into your lungs. As the diaphragm moves down, it pushes the abdomenal contents down, which forces the abdomen wall out, when you exhale, air passes out from the lungs and the abdominal wall flattens.

Imagine your stomach is like a balloon as you breathe in it expands and as you exhale it deflates and flattens.

Slowly breath in allowing the abdomen to rise, it will help you to put your hands on your tummy so you can feel your hand rise when you inhale, now exhale and feel your abdomen flatten as you breath out.

Now try this whilst standing up. You may feel a little light headed when you stand up, but that will soon dissipate as your brain gets used to the increased intake of oxygen.

Keep practicing your breathing every day, like everything in life, practice makes perfect.