Online Vocal Coaching

Stevie Lange is now offering vocal coaching online via Zoom. To enquire about a booking please contact

For details about how Zoom lessons work, visit How Online Vocal Coaching Works.

Master Vocal Coach

“Stevie Lange, master vocal coach and vocal producer has made a huge difference to every session she has produced. Her work ethics are quality, quality and more quality, with amazingly quick results, therefore cutting valuable studio time and costs.”

To reduce time, expense and frustration on your vocal recording projects, add Stevie Lange to your team of professionals, Stevie is a Vocal Specialist and expert performance preparation and vocal style coach, who has worked on scores of recording projects in major studios throughout the past decade.

Stevie Coaching Clips

Here are a couple of videos in which Stevie shares some vital singing tips for singers auditioning to be the voice of the new Bodyform ad. Stevie was the powerful singer on the very famous original ad and she was recruited to help find a new talent for the new ad.

Stevie’s helped many international rock stars access their most powerful voices including Def Leppard, Prodigy, Mudvayne, Jet, Limp, Bizkitz, Marmozets, Nothing But Thieves and more.

Studio Production

Stevie has a wealth of experience with studio production and equipment, including all digital and computer recording techniques, emphasising on microphone and acoustics as they affect vocal performance quality. She is hired by record producers to act as the session vocal coach or as full-on vocal producer. Having produced entire albums as well as single tracks Stevie understands what is needed and possesses the skills to assist the producer in achieving his vision for the recording.

Stevie can help an artist with everything required to prepare for a studio session.

Things like developing the songs to be recorded, adding harmonies and backup parts to the track, the arrangement, the performance, and phrasing, Stevie is also able to correct any vocal problems within the song.

Stevie’s coaching/production skills have been developed over 30 years as a singer/teacher and she can quickly identify and solve problems that would normally wear out a singers voice as they do multiple takes during a recording project, therefore helping to help the singer stay relaxed and deliver a convincing top class performance.

While the main target of Stevie’s input in the recording process is to attain the most stellar performance needed for a professional recording, she will also recognise and retain the definitive and unique character of the artists natural ability and talents.

Live Performance

Stevie also excels in her vocal production for the artists concert tour, by closely monitoring all rehearsals with the artist and backing singers to ensure consistent and accurate vocal performances that blend and harmonise perfectly.

With Stevie Lange as part of your team you will achieve higher quality product in less studio time and your sessions will be more enjoyable and creative for everyone.

Such is the demand for her services, record producers and label A&R constantly request Stevie’s presence in the studio.

Recent clients include: Daisy Dares You, Re Connected, Conor Maynard, Michael Kiwanuka, Rita Ora, Kingsland and Ella Henderson.


“Stevie has been my vocal coach for 8 years, and as long as I sing she will be not only the best person for me but also one of my best friends.
I love you so much, you are amazing,
Love you sweetie, Dunkie”

Duncan James (Blue)

“Stevie baby you know I love you to bits
You’re my soul sister and always will be
Love ya Lee”

Lee Ryan (Blue)

“When I began I know I sounded flat, sharp, whatever you want to call it, but you Stevie believed in me and gave me the confidence to go forward, thanks to you I am now Simon Webbe a part of Blue,
All my love Sy (your chocolate man)”

Simon Webbe (Blue)

“To Stevie,
Throughout the years you’ve been amazing to work with, I will always appreciate that.
I hope our paths meet again one day SWEETIE, love always, Anthony”

Anthony Costa (Blue)

“In 1982, I had completely lost all confidence in my ability to perform to the standards asked of me. After much soul searching I accepted an offer I couldn’t refuse.
Stevie took me under her wing, & with the help of her piano & considerable talent we very quickly started rebuilding the confidence & strength in my voice that I know nobody else could have done. For that, I will always be eternally grateful.”

Joe Elliot (Def Leppard)

“Stevie Lang has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard and she has sustained it for four decades. I love singing with her and I love her for helping me develop techniques that I believe will allow me to go on me forever.”


“Stevie Lange helped me develop a consistency in my voice when I was suffering a little from rigorous touring. She blew my mind! Her techniques and advice are concious of the fact that a touring singer doesn’t live like a choirboy. She’s lived it and sung it and she helped me out no end.”

Jamie Cullum

“You’ve seen all my journey Stevie, how I was, and what’s becoming of me now, I want to thank you for all your unwavering support throughout it all, nothing I did would have been half as memorable without you, Stevie you are one in a million, Love and respect.”

Skott Francis

“Sessions with Stevie are always high energy but at the same time relaxed and productive. I would therefore highly recommend her services to producers and artists who want to get convincing vocal performances everytime”