How Online Vocal Coaching Works

Stevie is now offering online vocal coaching via Zoom. This means she’s available to coach artists anywhere in the world.

To inquire about Zoom classes with Stevie, please email:

What You Need For Zoom Vocal Lessons

For more info, please watch the video guides further down the page.

You can download this guide as a PDF here.

  1. Check you have latest software version of Zoom.
  2. If you already have the Zoom desktop client installed, you can check for updates.
  3. Sign in to Zoom desktop client. Click your profile picture then click Check for Updates. If there is a newer version, Zoom will download and install it.
  4. Using an RJ45 Cat5 Ethernet LAN cable connect your computer to your Broadband Hub.
  5. Turn Wi-Fi off.
  6. To test open Zoom if poor or no internet connection Zoom will not open.
  7. Connect your USB or Thunderbolt Audio interface to Computer.
  8. Connect microphone and headphones to your Audio interface.
  9. In Zoom, under Preferences > Audio > Settings >Speaker > Test Speaker > Built in Output-select the name of your audio interface .
  10. Under Microphone do the same as above and select External Microphone with “Automatically adjust microphone volume” unticked & “Suppress Background Noise” set to low.
  11. Click “Advanced” at bottom of Settings tick “High fidelity music mode” & “Use Stereo Audio”.
  12. Check and test your audio connections as described in this video link.
  13. To do this you will need to play your music back into another sound system. For example your smartphone via Bluetooth into a sound system or cable from your smartphone into a sound system, your external microphone will then pick up the music while you sing along with it.
  14. Before joining it is advisable that you check your headphone & microphone levels within Zoom, you can do this without having to be in a meeting.
  15. Using a Smartphone or Tablet for meetings is not recommended.
  16. I can easily go through all this with you to check we are both comfortable with settings before you start your session with Stevie.
  17. You will receive a text from Stevie Lange showing Zoom code and password to join meeting.
  18. All of the above can be viewed in these two excellent YouTube links:

Video Guides To Setting Up And Using Zoom in Music Lessons: