New Vocal Training Album – Vocalize 2. Available Now!

Vocalize 2 Vocal Training Album

I’m very proud to introduce my new vocal training album, Vocalize 2.
The new album is available as a download from
Vocalize 2 is aimed at beginners and intermediate singers. It’s a shorter and more compact workout with my deep breathing exercises, four of my favourite warm ups and 8 brand new licks and riffs.
I’ve worked on a new format that allows you to either stick to the written melodies or, for those who are ready to sing adlibs, embellish on my phrases or try even try some harmonies. You have the space and freedom
to do your own thing to some cool and varied feels.
I won’t be singing all the way through the exercises as I did on Vocalize 1. This is will enhance your musical abilities by requiring you to learn and memorize the new melodies. You will work on hearing the key changes,
counting the bars, enhancing your pitching and timing, but mostly having a blast whilst performing with your own unique style.