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Seann Miley Moore’s UK Tour

Seann Miley Moore and MeI’ve had the great pleasure of working with Australian born Seann who came over to the UK last year to compete on The X Factor. He made a major impact with his mighty voice, stunningly good looks and his flair for fashion leaves you gob smacked.

I have fallen in love with this gorgeous creature and I know he is gonna take this country by storm!

He is just about to embark on 2016 British tour with The X Factor gang and I know he is very excited, I can’t wait to see the show in March, I know he is gonna shine as he always does.

Go Seann sweetie, you are a born star, we all love you.

Congratulations to Becky Hill for Reaching Number 1 With Gecko’s Overdrive

Stevie Lange With Becky HillBecky Hill has been working with me since she appeared on The Voice in 2012. She had a No. 8 in the charts called Afterglow in 2013 and now she’s knocked my other wonderful client, Ella Henderson, off of the No. 1 spot with the new track she wrote for Gecko called Overdrive.

Congrats to my amazing little Rock ‘N’ Roller and that amazing powerhouse voice that you have.

Becky so reminds me of myself when I was her age with her long blonde hair. She’s a feisty, talented singer and songwriter with the spirit of a lioness.
Well done to Crown Entertainment for having two number 1 tracks in the charts, within such close proximity, they are seriously smacking it out of the ball park right now.

Onwards and upwards ROCK & ROLL, love it.